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There’s nothing better than listening to a remix that takes the original into another dimension, or should I rephrase this sentence. There’s nothing better than listening to a remix that sounds as good as the original, if not, even better. We truly love Kavinsky‘s music. We honestly do. But we must confess that the LA-based producer Devonté Hynes, a.k.a. Blood Orange, completely surprised us with his take of “ProtoVision.” He doesn’t steal the essence of the original single, which is pretty legit and fair. So, he decided to add some sexy female vocals to the original (pretty much original) and pitches down the track turning it into a dream-wave ballad full of emotion and soul. Around 02:11 enters a mesmerizing synth-line which is almost the same as the real “ProtoVision” and you can easily feel the french part of this piece. Well, we don’t know about you, but this is love at first listen. The whole package is also remixed by Sebastien Tellier, Boys Noize, and Red Sky feat. Sugar Tongue Slim, which drops via Record Makers on February 25th. Pure Gold.



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    epic ….

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