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Mmoths - All These Things (feat

Irish producer Jack Colleran, a.k.a. Mmoths, has just dropped his second single off his upcoming EP ‘Diaries’ which will be released on March 4th via SQE. We’ve been a fan of the Irish producer for a while now, as he always releases stellar works with a very cool, edgy twist. His beat work skills are impeccable, as are his production skills. What’s not to like? Two months ago, he released his first single off the upcoming release (…listen here…) which, together with this one, hint at a very smooth and refreshing release which will, undoubtedly, be a big hit. The captivating vocal work by Holly Miranda provides the track with a refreshing layer which works perfectly alongside the harsher electronic work. After his whirlwind trip following The xx on tour, he has stated that these tracks took the place of  any camera or pen in documenting his travels from Europe to the States. Give this track a listen below! Enjoy*



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