Golden Scissors



The 80’s are back! Or so it would seem with this great remix by Phunktastike, or The Phunk! as it’s what the page on soundcloud states (he chaged it just a while back), or just simply Marian, from Buenos Aires. No matter what the name is, we love the final product, and that’s what really matters: the music.
This is, as Auxuliary Tha Masterfader says “A little preview of the new EP ‘Music for Discotheques’ that is coming this spring” and I wish we had more of these previews. If you have been following us for a while, then you already know that we love these retro synth songs and this is just one of those. We have been following The Phunk! for a while and the man loves his keyboards, and he just can’t get enough of it here. Go listen and take a trip – imagine yourself on the dancefloor, with all the neons lights around, the music pounding on the speakers, and have yourself a blast.
Expect a lot more disco from where this came from, but seeing as the EP doesn’t come out until spring, follow both artists, and listen to all their previous work because it will be worth it.



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