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After one month of waiting since putting up the sampler of “MYB“ on soundcloud, Oliver have finally released their new EP “Mechanical“. It´s their debut on Fools Gold and it will certainly be playing in our ears for a long time. The artwork is fascinating and the 4 tracks, which are funky as hell, will definitely not let you down. Consisting of U-Tern, a.k.a Vaughn Oliver, and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein from LA, Oliver bring back the French Touch and will not only conquer the US dancefloors, but rock the clubs worldwide – perfect to turn the cold and depressing January into a disco month!
They got support from Dillon Francis, Madeon and Chromeo and collaborated with big names like A-Trak and Alex Metric. Besides their incredible production skills, they are also outstanding remixers – they proved that by remixing Black Van, Aeroplane, Breakbot and techno legend, Juan Atkins, only to name a few.

Check out the track-by-track review below:

MYB: This repetitive, but groovy tune will make you move your feet at the first listen – a perfect start to the EP. The drop at 1.33 gets the song started and has a definite techno influence to it, then the vocals are pitched from 2.22 and the first part is repeated until 3.06 and the last quarter, starting at 3.53, brings a welcoming change. The cool 80s sound reminds me of Justice, Kavinsky and Daft Punk – this dancefloor-killer is gonna make everybody move their body!

Night is on my mind: The first smasher is followed by a lot slower, smooth chillout track. Still, “Night is on my mind“ contains powerful vibes and is really a hell of a track. With the 100 BPM tempo and the dark male voice, Oliver have created another cool and sexy disco tune.

Control: This song contains an uptempo beat again and will lead you straight to the dancefloor. The break at 1.36 makes it more interesting, because you expect the track to get calmer afterwards, but it´s just the opening of some more dancefloor euphoria – the sequel to”MYB,” the most danceable track on the EP.

Mechanical: This very emotional and uplifting track, the last one of the EP, reminds me of M83 and contains a really nice build-up and some powerful vibes, combined with euphoric vocals. It´s truly a worthy conclusion, and my favourite of the EP. Already a classic!



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