Golden Scissors



Zimmer just released its monthly mix for January. We’re all huge fans of his work, whether in his original songs, his remixes and his wonderful  reworks. We have featured a bit of all of them, and you know you can’t go wrong here. His mixtapes are always full of summer love, it’s just a colourful selection of disco groove and those balearic sounds we all love, mixed into perfection. Now go and listen to it while we wait for brighter days.

1. Air Zaïre – Play
2. Glenn Dale – UNI
3. anna lunoe & Worldlife – Tom’s Diner (The Coconut Wireless Mix)
4. Dan Solo – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
5. Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter remix)
6. Sanza & Phunktsastike – Locovox
7. Rotkraft – To Love You
8. Du Tonc – Darkness
9. The Other Tribe – Sing With Your Feet
10. KAMP! – Melt (Zimmer remix)
11. Grizzly Bear – Gun-shy (Lindstrom remix)
12. Julian Lennon – Too Late For Goodbyes (Aimes edit)
13. I Cube – Edit Service 7
14. Rambla Boys feat. Stee Downes – Rock Solid
15. Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – I Might Be Gone
16. Bixel Boys – Love Like This
17. Devolution – My Friends
18. Anna Lunoe – Empty Girl
19. Stare & Whisper (LNTG Interpretation)



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