Golden Scissors


Satin Jackets feat

Satin Jackets‘s music is always luscious, glossy, cheesy, overproduced music full of chords, melodies, and more importantly of all: Full of heart and soul. They already have several epic originals and remixes. For instance, their modern classic “Girl Forever” (…listen here…) has been constantly played on repeat, or their single “Hollywood” (…listen here…) is without a doubt one of the best releases of 2012. Their remix of Tesla Boy’s “In Your Eyes” (…listen here…) is one of the sexiest tracks I’ve ever heard and there are a lot more releases that you should check on their Soundcloud. A couple of minutes ago, they shared their latest production titled “Boys & Girls,” and I’m already in love with it. How can this be possible? I don’t know! Besides following the same line of sound, there are always small nooks that captivate your senses, creating some sort of interior peace. Delightful, magical…. Immense…..
Besides the original single, there’s also a deep house remix by Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe, and a deep dub version by A.Fox Deep, and you can check here the entire set. The whole package is going to be available via junodownload on February 11th. You will be also happy to know that next week we will drop an exclusive mixtape and an interview with Satin Jackets. Stay tuned for more love…..



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