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Moonlight Matters remixing Owlle

Belgian disco king Sebastiaan Vandervoorde, a.k.a Moonlight Matters, is finally back with another mesmerizing piece! Sebastiaan is one of the most talented producers we’ve blogged here at Golden Scissors and we’re lucky enough to have been following his musical trajectory for the last couple of years. It’s almost impossible to stay indifferent to his remixes, as well as his original material. Seba’s music always denotes creativity and evolution in alliance with an extremely solid production. It’s very easy to fall in love with the magical touch of Moonlight Matters – believe me, this guy is a genius! This time we have a remix of his for the French singer (we’re in love with her) Owlle‘s “Discorder.” Before posting this remix, I’ve been listening to the original song a couple of times, and it is a magnificent synthpop dreamy piece. You should definitely listen to it here. The remix is completely different from the original and you can feel that the Belgian producer has been working hard lately. You can definitely hear that there’s been an upgrade to Seba’s touch! He doesn’t even change the vocal from the original, mainly because this lady’s voice is stunning! The instrumental arrangement is where you can feel his geniality all over this track.. 115 bmp’s is more than enough for heading to the dance floor, but at some point it seems like it changes to 126, but always with a melodic, deep feeling and there’s no place for repetition here. Fact. The track starts creating some anxiety until 00:33, where everything changes, giving the impression that it was produced in parts. Day/night/day/­night. At 1:06, the vocals enter and that’s where everything changes, again! Beautiful vocals alongside more sounds that, honestly, I don’t even know how to describe. The synth line is a constant during the whole track. There’s a whirl of emotions during this track that calm down around 04:10. Moonlight Matters finishes his version with an epic build, and it keeps gently fading until the end. Ok, it’s time to repeat it, again, and again, and again….Truly impressive! You can already buy this rework on iTunes, which is taken from a compilation called “Les Inrocks Lab, Vol. 1.” Stay Golden….

Update: Free Download Here



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