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NO CEREMONY/// are a band from Manchester, UK, and although they have released more than a handful of singles and have done live shows, little is known about who they are, or even how many people make up the band, acting as a trio on live shows. This is not a marketing action, but one to ensure that the music is the focus of their work.
As all good things that come out of Manchester, this is another one full of synth pop. This single was released last year and you can watch the video below, but today they have sent us a remix for this song by Gold Fields and we felt we had to share it. I don’t know much about these fellows but they come from down under, and recently the Australians have hit a high note. And it shows, cause they have just made this synth pop more upbeat by adding a great tropical sweetness. Download the song below and check for yourself.
No Ceremony/// – FEELSOLOW (Gold Fields Remix)



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