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MAU - Cheetah (Noah Hyde  Magic Sword Remix)
Oh là là! Really exciting news! We are truly surprised, or not, with this remix by one of our favorite producers at the moment. Noah Hyde/Magic Sword is back! This time he’s delivered a remix of MAU‘s latest single “Cheetah,” which is taken from the band’s upcoming LP. Without a doubt, Noah is becoming more and more known, mainly after remixing Youth Lagoon’s “Daydream” (…listen/download here…) and more recently, Wake Owl’s “Gold” (…listen/download here…). I would say that Noah’s biggest secret as a producer is the fact the all his reworks are different and always with solid productions. For all these reasons, it is very simple to understand why his music is so exciting. This time he’s taking us on a retro trip back to the 80’s! His redemption of “Cheetah” starts with an epic dreamy/cosmic intro, which will instantly captivate your attention and then at 00:27 he starts to develop his track. He doesn’t take away the essence of the original…. He just makes it sound more epic and glorious. Again, we have a superb work. Also, MAU just dropped another remix by &Delta, which is equally available as a free download on their Soundcloud. Enjoy…!



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