Golden Scissors


Summer Heart

Golden Scissors’s favorite David Alexander, better know as Summer Heart, is back with a new single called “Hit Me Up Again.” Our love for the Swedish producer is not something new for anybody else – he’s hard not to love! He became one of the most prominent Chill-Pop-Dreamwave producers of 2012, mainly after releasing his debut “About A Feeling” LP. We were lucky enough to follow the whole process closely since the beginning, and we’re truly proud to share his music with you. This new work reveals another step of his dreamy and simple vision of how life should be. While listening to David’s music, we can feel that his music is produced with soul and love. The guitar accompaniment to his sweet vocal are the main characters of this song. Despite being based in cold Sweden, his music is clearly oriented for Summer and for people who are in love. Make sure you buy/support this brilliant single via Bandcamp. It’s time to spread the love…



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