Golden Scissors



ScionAV just dropped the new single for Alan Braxe on Soundcloud and alongside it comes this remix by Lifelike. Lifelike is a favourite here at our little house, with his Nu disco approach to music. His remix for Coming Home by Visitor is featured on our Best of 2012 Remixes selection (…check out here…).
The first time I heard the original, I couldn’t really understand what it was about. It’s a completely different thing from what we’re used to from Alan Braxe – it’s literally just an exploration of sound, and a good one at that. This one on the other hand is just what you might expect from a remix by Lifelike, full on synths and a big club beat to make you shake your head or your body on the dancefloor. If you want to give the original one more listen, with an accompanying remix by our good friend Memory Tapes, go here.

Did I forget to mention this whole package is free? My mistake, grab it here



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