Golden Scissors



While we’re anxiously awaiting Lapalux‘s upcoming debut “Nostalchic” LP, he keeps teasing us with amazing and invigorating sounds. Honestly, it’s a pleasure to write this post and share this mesmerizing piece with you. Here’s his own rework of the single “Swallowing Smoke,” – an original track that hasn’t even been heard yet, but what really matters is the present. This new track can only make us anticipate something that might easily become epic! “Swallowing Smoke” provides us with a lesson on how to produce music and how it can not just be a challenge, but also be something that you can keep upgrading,  training yourself to become a machine-man. Every single person has their own perspective on what he/she is listening to, but to reach people’s heart, you need to follow the correct trail. We’re really in love with the atmospheric power of the textures Stuart Howard wisely used to build this track. If you’re not satisfied enough, you should definitely download his beautiful single “Forgetting And Learning” released a couple months ago. Pure magic…



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