Golden Scissors


Ten daze
We love a bit of Teen Daze over here at Golden Scissors, and we can’t resist checking out every single track/remix he releases. Coming across this remix of ‘Pleasures’, a track that Max Cooper collaborated on with BRAIDS, proved to be an even greater experience, as we all unanimously decided that this was a wholly superb and seemingly flawless remix. After listening to the original, you can tell that Teen Daze has completely lifted the track up – adding that Teen Daze warmth and wholesomeness that we all love and recognize. This is not me saying that the original is bad – not at all! The original (…listen here…) has a completely different sound which I also really love, but Teen Daze took it and definitely turned it upside down and made it his own – that’s for sure! The upbeat minimal house remix is definitely one for the car – it has that drive, beat, and even trinkly bell sounds which work alongside the repetitive sample of BRAIDS’s vocals to make it the perfect track for the dance floor, too. So play it nice and loud and let the mellow vibes permeate throughout any space you happen to be occupying when this lush track is playing.



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