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Cadillac Music - $$$

Everyday we receive around 100 submissions via email (no jokes) and I’m pretty sure the people that mail us think that we don’t read them. Believe it or not, but we do! It’s not an easy task, but someone must do it. Sometimes we discover amazing projects and tracks, just like this single titled “$$$” from the French project called Cadillac Music. I don’t really know anything about these guys, because their email was just too vague, all I know is that “$$$” has been played on repeat since yesterday. This addictive jam is the perfect soundtrack for the pre-weekend craziness. It has some sort of easy flow with a super cool hip hip beat shrouded with a pitched up looped vocal. Smooth, sweet and truly addictive. Just for you to have an idea of how little info we have about this project, I’ve copied their mail, which you can read below:

There’s a new band in town called Cadillac and they’re pretty good and free download music.
Here their first original track, have a listen, i promise, this is not dubstep
Ben Motion

Cadillac Music – $$$ [download here]



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