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PR Kit for Amtrac

Caleb Cornett mostly known as AMTRAC, is an american producer who received a lot of praise on his first single, Came along, back in 2011. He’s been doing live shows, dj sets, as well as remixes for the likes of The Chromatics, Metric or Para One. Now he get’s a second round with this remix from last year’s track Rave Weapon by Alex Metric. The original is just a bomb, and if you haven’t checked it, you should (…listen here…), but AMTRAC made it more friendly, a song to play at the club for the people that just want to have fun on a Saturday night. It’s just simple, with a steady beat, the highs and lows, and the best of all is that it’s for free. Don’t forget to give some love to the artist and go grab it.



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