Golden Scissors



Our young experimental electronic musician, XXYYXX, a.k.a Marcel Everett is constantly releasing new tracks when we least expect it, and this time we are confronted with a brand new remix of Yyu’s ‘I Haven’t Left.’ The Orlando-based electronic artist, XXYYXX, gives a description of the song, saying that it was: “Just some fun” with “Lots of field recording and some rather lofi guitar.” As usual, his tracks ooze with beauty, texture, and unusual sounds which are often noted as encompassing the sounds which are encircling the electronic music scene at that specific time – a trend-setter, if you will. The track begins with a smooth swirl-in of distorted vocals which are soon cut by, what seems like, clashing sword noises and dog barks (examples of his incredible use of sampling to add beats and textures to his tracks). The distorted and whiney vocals (quite similar to those of Thom Yorke) add a different layer of smoothness to the track, making it an incredible track to grapple with while listening to it. Grab this track as a free download and bask in the glorious beauty of his unprecedented skill.



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