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XXYYXX & Giraffage - Even Though (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

XXYYXX & Giraffage’s “Even Though” is without a doubt one of our favorite singles of 2012. Blackbird Blackbird’s take on this piece is probably the most easy flow feeling of all versions we’ve previously heard. This is the first remix shared by the San Francisco-based producer Mikey Maramag since he dropped his debut full-length “Boracay Planet” (…listen/buy here…). If this version was released a couple of months ago, it probably would have caused a huge scene. It still is, I guess. I’m not gonna lie to you. It has been played literally on repeat mode. Maramag’s rework creates the perfect hazy chilled atmosphere without stealing the authenticity of the original masterpiece. Also, in case you missed the video for the original track, watch it on the player below. Magnificent!


XXYYXX & Giraffage – Even Though (music video)



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