Golden Scissors


Freeform Five feat

Eskimo Records has just shared something really good to start our week! “Weltareh” is taken from Anu Pillai, a.k.a. Freeform Five, latest “Weltareh” EP, which includes a collaboration with the Gambian singer Juldeh Camara. This is the very first time we’re featuring the legendary London-based producer, although he’s not a new name for us. You should definitely check his epic “No More Conversations” (…listen here…) released in 2007.  This new work is completely different from his previous releases, which means the electronic music is constantly upgrading!  We’re in 2013 and Nu Disco definitely exploded around the year 2011 and since then there have been several directions taken on the disco scene, which is pretty much normal for any given genre. This new release definitely shows a rather new approach, with African/Latin influences shining through. The result couldn’t be better and we’re facing a great release here! I’ve picked up Freeform Five & Kevin McKay’s “Reform” version of the original, which is my favorite, but believe me, the whole package is very solid. You can listen to the whole thing here, which includes a vocal/instrumental version by Prins Thomas. Also, this release is already supported by Tim Sweeney, Aeroplane, Âme, and more. Out on January 28th via the Belgian imprimant Eskimo Records. Pure Gold.



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