Golden Scissors


And our chill-out track of the day has been found! This time we’re loving this super mellow track by the Lancaster-based producer &Delta  (Erich Leiden) whose track ‘Spin’ has certainly been spinning in our ears today. The crackly intro soon unites with a smooth wave of sound which then meets with subtle beats and claps. It’s pretty perfect, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the shift-pitch vocal samples come into the picture, and boy oh boy! I’m sold. While perusing through his Soundcloud page, we’ve noticed that our man &Delta here is pretty eclectic; showcasing a talent for the dark and mysterious, as well as a real ear for simplicity. Make sure to check him out on Soundcloud, and if you’re on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to his channel and spread the chilled vibes.



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