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TWOS just released his debut EP via Aural Sects – a netlabel and music collective dedicated to underground electronic music. While only having discovered TWOS recently, I feel like I have become extremely attached to the dark, yet exquisite tracks which are filled to the brim with driving synths and intricate beat work.

The EP begins with the title-track called ‘Feel’ which gradually invites you into the atmospheric sound of the EP that permeates throughout each track. The dark and driving synths which are decorated in a slow, distorted beat soon get introduced to unidentifiable choral-like vocals which, along with the atmospheric synths and decorative beats, begin to get more intense and eventually come together to create a wholly euphoric sound – a celebration of the rest of the EP to come.

The second track, ‘By Your Side’ is a track with vocal samples and even a style very similar to what you would hear on a CocoRosie album. We are then taken on a transportative trip to a synth-laden garden of beats and the continuation of the  tragic vocal samples. All the while, listening to this track I can’t seem to get rid of the feeling that this sounds like what I’d imagine a musicbaby from the likes of Sun Glitters and CocoRosie would sound like. I ain’t complaining. The combination of soft, yet distorted vocals against this raging background of atmospheric noise is too beautiful for words.

Moving onto track three of the EP, I finally find my song. This is definitely THE song of the EP for me. ‘Slow Down’ really encompasses the TWOS sound I imagine him being renowned for, and I am super excited about the direction that the EP is taking at this point. This song has more of an overpowering ambient layer to it, rather than the driving synths being the dominant sound in the track. Every now and again you get reminded of their power, but the subtleties of the ambient layer soon become too distracting and beautiful to ignore. I could stop listening to this EP now and be pretty content with what I have heard.

Now, track four comes along and I am basically just having an eargasm at this point. No biggie. ‘With You’ takes us back to that CocoRosie sound which was such a big part of track two, and it’s true beauty resounds throughout the intro. A lone clap enters into the piece alongside the droning vocals and piano work, and suddenly we drop into an abyss of dreamy sounds. This song is definitely another winner for me. TWOS’s understanding of incorporating minimal sound and long breaks into his music is astounding, and this song showcases this understanding in its full capacity. From these moments of near quiet, to a sudden drop into these baths of blissful beats, piano and seascape vocals, it could lull you to sleep (the best sleep possible) in a matter of seconds.

The final track of the EP, ‘Low’, introduces us to an almost tactile water sound where, as listeners, we can almost feel it sloshing against our feet. The sound in this track is slightly different to what we’re used to from the other tracks. The sounds seem unfamiliar, and it’s almost as if TWOS has become a foley artist and is making sound effects for movies. It’s an interesting sound, but for me this is the least successful song on the EP.

I don’t want to speculate too much on the track names, but the whole EP seems to be conveying some sort of message about being so close to someone, but not wanting to screw things up in the process. The sounds may not convey this message, but the titles of the tracks and the EP title seem to hint at this. To me, this was an almost perfect EP which I will now go listen to again.

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