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Phanta Du Prince

Berlin producer Hendrik Weber, a.k.a. Pantha Du Prince, in collaboration with the Norwegian collective The Bell Laboratory will release “Elements of Light” via Rough Trade on January 15th. From what we can see in this video, there are plenty of “unusual” instruments such as marimbas, xylophones, cymbals, chimes, and a bell carillon (a three-ton instrument containing 50 bronze bells), and everything is being played live. A couple days ago I read somewhere that according to Hendrik, “electronic music should always be played with the minimum interference of computers and software.” I consider this statement as a warning to producers who nowadays keep using computers for their live performances. There’s nothing more rich/legit than to see an artist playing real music with real instruments. Watch their performance of “Spectral Split” below. The clip is directed by German filmmaker Sandra Trostel. Also, listen to the epic “Saturn Strobe” released in 2007. Magical….


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