Golden Scissors



Oh Mr. Masurka… you are the man! No matter what happens with Gigamesh,in the future, he’s already one of my all-time favorite producers. It’s really impressive to see the amount of winners this guy has already dropped! There’s something about his music that keeps making me listen to it, over and over again. Here’s his version number 2.0 of the single “Don’t Stop.” I could just stop writing here, because you’re not going to read the entire post. You don’t have to deny it! I would do the same! His music isn’t produced to be written about, his music is produced for people to dance to and enjoy. Also, in case you missed the video for the original version check it out here, as well as our exclusive interview with the man himself. Plus, this new version of “Don’t Stop” will be released for free download very soon. Stay tuned!

Download HERE!!!



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