Golden Scissors


space flakes

Here we are again with Space Flakes and this time they are accompanied by Cyberdesign. For those who don’t know, Space Flakes are a duo from the Netherlands who are not newcomers here as we have posted about them here before, and we covered their video rendition of Best Life Of My Time, a favorite on the house. Now they have made a new original track with Cyberdesign who are also from the Netherlands and have made some remixes for them. Well the partnership works well for us here! We fell in love with this song the first time we heard it. This kind of electronic music full of synth, love and effects just makes you want to go through deep space and conquer it. It’s just that wonderful and dreamy. It’s that space age love that all we tech lovers have.
Did I mention that this track is going for free? Go get it and let yourself float in outer space, even if it’s just for a little while.



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