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Two door cinema club

Great news everybody!!! London-based duo Punks Jump Up are giving away their brand new remix of Two Door Cinema Club‘s “Sun.” Every time these dudes drop something new, we’re here to make sure that you’re not going to miss it! Once again they’re delivering a top-notch quality production. It’s interesting that yesterday they shared this remix on facebook and someone commented saying that they’re an all-time favorite, and I couldn’t agree more. Punks Jump Up have been around for ages, and I think their secret is that they’re always changing their style, but keeping the production excellent. Besides producing superb original tracks, they have been remixing everyone. I’ve just checked my hard disk and I’ve found remixes for Jupiter, St. Lucia, Housse De Racket, Oliver, Miami Horror, just to mention a few! And I’m not talking about bootlegs. I’m talking about official remixes for great artists. Reason? Because they’re super talented and they deserve our love and respect. So, you already know what to do. Download this remix for free and show them love!



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