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Pharao Black Magic - Tropical Dreams

Swiss duo, Pharao Black Magic, is giving away their latest production titled “Tropical Dreams.” We’ve been fans of the duo for a while now, and yet again they’re delivering a super creative work. We have been following them since they did an amazing remix for Shindu’s “All In My Fridge,” (…listen here…) and more recently they released their “Amulet” EP. This new single – Tropical Dreams – is actually tropical, but it’s not that typical Tropical Nu Disco that we’re used to listening to. They clearly love their synths and they make sure to let you know about it! You will only need one minute to embrace this track, that’s for sure. While listening to this tropical track, it’s hard to believe they come from a cold country! As they say, “See you in the future. See you at the pool.



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