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And the wonderful Andy Faísca – better known as A.N.D.Y – is back again with one of his absolutely awesome monthly Mixtapes that we all tend to enjoy so much here at Golden Scissors, and I am sure you guys do, too! His song choices are usually sublime, and his mixing skills are flawless. While listening to the tunes, I couldn’t help but get a sense of a really progressive new sound that everyone seems to be trying out. Everything seems really cool and hybridized these days, which is really exciting! The blurring of the genre lines is something which has been in the pipe-line for a while now, and this mix certainly showcases the plethora of booming talent from around the world trying out these new sounds. Make sure to grab this mixtape with a whole lot of love from A.N.D.Y who sends his best wishes into the new GOLDEN year!


1. Glenn Dale : U N I
2. Anthonyanthony : Porec Is The New Ibiza
3. Sleazy McQueen : I’m Tired (Pete Herbert Remix)
4. Miguel Puente : Together
5. Adrian Barron : Float
6. Goldroom : Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok Remix)
7. Ashley Beedle : Your Acid Life
8. Waze & Odyssey : Our World
9. Doorly Feat. Soraya Vivian : Rush
10. Alex Metric Feat. Oliver : Motion Study
11. Lars Moston & Ben Mone : Unison (Big Dope P Vs A.N.D.Y. Edit )
12. The Partysquad : Rising Sun



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