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silenx mashup

It’s not everyday that we post mashups, but when we do they’re pretty awesome! Last Saturday the Portuguese producer Joel Azevedo, a.k.a. Silenx, shared this great work on his Soundcloud featuring an Oliver remix of Black Van’s “Inside” Vs Goldroom’s “Fifteen .” For what I’ve read on Soundcloud, he says that he just did it for fun, but we’re not posting this jam just for fun. We have been listening to it on repeat mode! Personally, I feel that this is the best mashup I’ve ever heard. This is definitely top-notch stuff! If you’re a DJ, you should play this one, and I’m pretty sure people will go crazy!!! We’re also posting this mashup, because we’re fans of what Joel has been producing for the last couple of months. In case you missed his previous releases, you should revisit his excellent “Space Love EP” (…listen here…) and more recently the remix package for his previous EP (…listen here…). So, you already know what to do! Download this work for free and support his music by following him on Soundcloud, buying his music and liking his Facebook Fan page!



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