Golden Scissors



Christian Tiger School have been making waves – chill waves – in the South African electronic music scene with their diverse and dreamy psychedelic/dream hip-hop sounds, which are increasingly becoming the soundtrack to the lives of the buzzing urban youth. Hailing from Cape Town, Luc Veermeer and Sebastian Zanasi have cornered the market when it comes to creating the ultimate chilled jam, and have become one of the most exciting live acts in SA. Having the privilege to see them on a regular basis is such a treat, especially in the warm summer months when their music goes hand-in-hand with the sea, sun, a couple of mates and a cool beverage. They released their debut album ‘Third Floor’ via Cape Town based electronic music label Bombaada earlier this year and it’s a definite winner of an album to have in your library. Grab it and get ready for the most chilled jol (party) of your life. In the meantime, listen to the super first track of the album, ‘The Soul of Morpheus and the Comet Man’ and just relish that incredible drop at 01:29.



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