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the c90s

UK duo, The C90s, are finally back! I could just be happy with the news of their comeback and say that it’s so cool that they’re releasing something new, but the truth is that this new single “We’ve Got Love” is excellent. They are definitely back in style! Personally, they’re one of my all-time favorites, which is not an excuse to post their music (we always post music that makes us move).  This new work clearly represents their whole background. If you’ve been following the duo for a while, I’m pretty sure you remember their amazing “Shine A Light” which was remixed by everyone. I’m already in love with this synthesized avant-garde disco sound,  that takes me back to the late 2000s and reminds me, somehow, of DFA. The comparison definitely makes me smile! Come back next Monday and check out this post, because this track will be available for free download.  In the meanwhile, play it on repeat…



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