Golden Scissors



As promised, MAU are back with a new original single titled “Cheetah” off their upcoming LP to be released in 2013. Being Portuguese, I couldn’t be more proud to have this five-piece band producing quality music like it’s the easiest thing in the world. “Cheetah” will instantly captivate your senses through the shining synths, denoting several influences which makes it impossible to place their music into one category! Is this Dreamwave? Chillwave or Electronic Pop? It is probably fair enough to say that MAU craftily created their own personal sound. For a first listen, you will feel a shiver that will climb up your spine! You will ask yourself, “How is it possible that I’ve never heard about these boys before!?” The good news is that you have an entire album coming out, which will rub out your thirst for more of the same poison. In case you missed their recent remixes, you should definitely check them out on Soundcloud and cuddle them on Facebook. By the way, MAU in Portuguese means something ‘bad’ or ‘evil’! MAU é a banda nacional que nos faz acreditar que apesar de sermos tugas, juntos conseguimos chegar onde quisermos. Para isso, basta acreditar….



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