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the xx

Recently we heard Jamie xx remix of The xx‘s “Reconsider.” When I wrote the post I mentioned that the original single is my favorite from their latest “Coexist” LP. Actually, this is already the second time I’m posting this track, and probably it will be taken down.. who knows? Anyway, this piece of music has been played on repeat since the first the day I listened to it. All my life I’ve never paid attention to this amazing band!  I was probably too young to appreciate their music, or it’s just they way it is… and eventually we all need  to slow down. Today we’re probably hitting 7k followers on Facebook, and I really wanted to give you something to thank you for the amazing support everyone has been giving us. I’ve decided to call this post “The xx Extravaganza,”  mainly because we don’t share two tracks in the same post. Apart from the original single, I’ve decided to add  this great deep house remix by Whomi for the classic “Crystalised.” I know that our friends from Upside Sounds are also writing the same post. Yassin Khalid’s one of my best friends and he also helped to grow Golden Scissors as we know it. Once again, I want to thank everyone who has been supporting our blog. It’s a pleasure and a honor to be part of something that I’ve just started. GS is more than just one person, we are a family that keeps growing, always thinking about giving you the best music that has been produced worldwide. Stay Golden….



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