Golden Scissors


“Holdin On” is another unveiled single off of Flume‘s self debut and long-awaited LP to be released next November. Apparently someone leaked the track and it’s already circulating around the web. The single is an absolute mixture of influences, which denotes an interesting range of influences on Harley’s short lifetime. No matter what happened during his grown process as musician, we can feel that his music reflects perfectionism, not just technically, but also when we talk about his unique creative process. We have been listening and posting electronic music for a long time already, and it’s fair enough to say that Harley Streten is already one of those producers that seems to have that golden midas touch, that everyone will hopefully admire immense his talent. As blogger it’s truly interesting to see how massive an artist can become by showing diversity and solid productions. For sure Flume is an example for the newcomers. I  almost forgot to mention that this single is already available on iTunes. MASSIVE.



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