Golden Scissors


Great News! Beat Culture just dropped the first single “Orange,” off his upcoming LP “Forgive”. We have been following Sunik Kim’s growing process, and it’s a pleasure to see him releasing a full length. While being so young, he’s already one of the most important artists in the scene. His upcoming LP proves just that, if you check the tracklist, you will see the participation of people such as Steffaloo or Blackbird Blackbird. Which makes us think that everyone wants to be part of this new album. Can’t wait to listen the whole piece. Also Beat Culture  just launched a fund-raiser to get his new work pressed to vinyl. For more info and support, follow this link!!!

UPDATE: A couple months ago we shared this single as being part of Beat Culture’s upcoming LP. Apparently it’s’ not going to be released on his album, and that’s why he’s giving it away. Also, the tracklist below makes no sense anymore. If you’re fan of Beat Culture, make sure to follow us for more info to be shared very soon!



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