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Last May Italian band Holidays released their full-length debut “Young Love” with which they wanted to be part of our summer soundtrack giving off a blend of sweet dream-pop, chillwave and some indie. With it, they invited all of us to think of sun-washed jeans and sandy dunes meanwhile holidays were on its way. Finally the long-awaited summer has arrived and with it something better, the remixes of that soundtrack. And there is no waste.

“Young Love (The Remixes)” features 7 tracks, each with its remix and we want to remark a few of them.

The first one, by Teen Daze, is a real gem. The Canadian brings a pure electronic work (as always) with his spacey cascades of synths in which a nostalgic and futuristic atmosphere convey. The vocals remain in the background being replaced by a harmony of happy and dreamy 80’s sounds. It will become quite short once you click play, as they said, ‘less is more’.

Another remix is the one by Flowers Or Razorwire, a fellowcountry boy of Trani. This guy, whose sound is described as tropical and chillwave, has done his thing on ‘Save Me’. He’s put the care-free attitude and his explicit pop instinct on it, resulting a very pleasant summer breeze. Those vocals, the sweet guitars and those beating drums will hypnotize you.

The next rework comes also from another Italian friend called Casa del Mirto. It may sounds familiar to you due to remixes for the likes of Toro y Moi, Washed out or Neon Indian and with it you can have an idea of which ones are his favorites genres. Glo-fi and chillwave are his musts and he’s applied that savoir-faire to ‘Child’. It starts with an emotive and astral melody that will get you into a beautiful fantasy in which you could enjoy those subtle synths that create a relaxing halo. The vocals seems to be the call you’ve been waiting for, we guarantee that you’ll get to zen.

And finally, to close the pack we have Lies, also known as Oscar and Piero, two ragazzi coming also from the boot-shaped country who have applied his tricks on ‘Midnight’. At the begging it sounds like the other relaxing and mystic tunes but it starts growing till it gets some chillout and ambient rhythms, we can feel here some smooth house too.

If you want to discover the rest of the EP you can take a listen here.

Holdays’ “Young Love – The Remixes” came out on June the 28th under Kiy Records



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