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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a phenomenal debut album by a fellow Finn and in my opinion one of the most talented producers to ever emerge from this northern country of Finland, Roberto Rodriguez. It was a long way before Dawn came to be: at the age of 13 Rodriguez recorded his very first track on the Commodore Amiga 500, started as a deep house producer and club promoter in the 90’s and in one point even had to work as a garbage truck driver to support his family instead of making music. With over 30 original recordings and a huge bunch of remixes under his belt, it’s fair to say he has had a long career in the music business. But luckily for us this Finn isn’t stopping and with this very appropriately named debut LP his future is looking brighter than ever.

Roberto has always been a very talented and versatile producer. Whether it’s deep house, groovy disco or something more experimental his production is always on point. The same goes for Dawn which really demonstrates his variety and attention to details. He creates beautiful musical atmospheres that are the heart and soul of his music. And that’s what this release is all about, heart and soul.

Dawn offers a wide selection of tunes from the melodical, smooth intro track Tito to the lush sounding slow jam Show Me. With Body Right Rodriguez dives all the way down to the deep, old school house influeced sound. While Eva takes a trip back to the 90’s vibes, Lies stands out as a definition of what a groovy, floor-filling house track should sound like. But what really brings this release together is the amazing vocal work. The groovy samples and vocals from Kholi, Max C and Devon Dunaway add another dimension to Dawn making it a record you’re going to love and listen over and over again. With 14 tracks – every one more fresh than the other – Roberto is truly showcasing just where he stands with his high level of talent and vision.

Dawn is out on Serenades and now available in iTunes (with 4 extra tracks), Juno and Amazon. You can also follow Roberto on Facebook and Soundcloud. Summer is here and Roberto Rodriguez just served you with the perfect soundtrack, so enjoy.

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