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“Traffic” is the brand new EP from A.N.D.Y. & Vicente via D.I.S.C.O.Texas. If there were any doubts about Andy’s talent, I think that we all have to agree that he’s a genius. No kidding. His latest remixes are pure gold. Let’s just take a quick look. We have remixes for Philosophy of Sound’s “Freedom, what for?” The Supermen Lovers “Say No More” and probably the most acclaimed for Jupiter’s “One o Six.” Lately, every time he drops something new, everyone is happy and it’s also played and replayed on repeat….

About Andy’s (Andy Faísca by the way) background, we all know him from Mustang, which he used to produce with his friend Renaud Deru aka Attari. For sure we all remember their brilliant productions. Anyway, since he started his solo project I think he also started to “shine” a lot more. Andy’s roots are from Spain and Portugal. His father is Portuguese and his mother is Spanish, however he was born in Belgium and that’s where he grew up. All his life is connected to music. His father is an excellent guitarist with a huge musical background and it’s quite natural that he also became a music producer. After some years listening to music he started to produce on his own and that’s when the magic began. Honestly I could just say that this EP is amazing, but I also think that It’s important to share information about producers. I’ve been always fan of Mustang and I’m really enjoying what Andy has been doing recently. He doesn’t sound at all like mustang. He created his own style and he is already making the difference!

Vicente is completely new for me. I’ve never heard about him before, until his latest mix that we shared last month. I was surprised with his track selection. We can clearly feel that this guy is an excellent Dj. Just like the way we love. Obviously we can all play bombs, but, not everyone can play bombs that aren’t “comercial”. If you listen to his mixes, I can assure you that at least 75% of the tracks he plays are new for you. About his background I really don’t know too much. All I know is that he is influenced by the 80’s and the electro music of the early 21st century. I also know he’s graduated on the SAE institute of Brussels as “Electronic Music Producer”. So, you already know this kid is good!

About this release, and if we take a first listen, it looks like that we have several influences from many genres and decades. We can feel Italo Disco and 80’s music refreshed with a Nu Disco touch that clearly keeps you on the dance floor, but also, it’s perfect to listen at home. It comes with two originals and two remixes from Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver and The Supermen Lovers.

“Traffic” is the first track of the EP. You only need to listen to the first 15 seconds to know this is going to sound good. That cosmic feeling in the beginning takes us directly into space. At 00:40 there’s a built with some micro “astronaut?” vocal samples and yes, that’s official, our spaceship trip has just started! At 01:51 that’s when we have our first drop, followed by a sweet “thing” that I don’t know how to describe. Lovely and so appropriate claps at 02:07, which totally will surprise you. At 02:56 he slows down a little and strikes back with an awesome build. This will make you feel kinda of anxious to know what’s going to happen after that. At 03:04 the party is back and you can already keep dancing. 120 bpm’s and here’s the perfect track for the beginning/middle of the night. For me, it’s just perfect at any hour of the day!

“El Barrio” is more chilly and calm, but just like I said before, very cool for the dance floor as well. 112 bpm’s (very belgium indeed). This track sounds very modern, elegant and we can feel that 80’s mood accentuated here, extremely well recycled and really hot. After a first listen, you think, wow this is so “unruled.” Honestly, this track sounds to me to something epic. You know those tracks that you will remember in few years? That’s exactly what this is!

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s remix of “El Barrio” is also another bomb. These guys really followed the mood of this EP. I gues they totally understood what’s the general idea. Plus, their approach of this track still owns they “brand”. I must admit that I’m fan of their style  for quite some time and I’m enjoying this remix a LOT. Appointments at: 01:21 (nice build) 02:41 (gorgeous drop) 03:19 (magic). Awesome, awesome… awesome stuff!!!

Finally we have the The Supermen Lovers remix. You already know that Guillaume Atlan is a genius. His participation here takes this EP into another dimension! His remix is slightly different from the original. He added some cool vocals to the original. Lovely bass and lovely guitar. Don’t think he’s version is not in the mood of the EP. His remix is pure gold. He just proves that he’s one the best! I love that guitar solo at 04:09 followed by an awesome build and magic after it!

About this EP all I have to say is, Buy it! (exclusive beatport release today, and on May 18th on the regular stores)  This is amazing and worth the money. Not sure if there will be a vinyl release, but I would buy it. 100% of excellence is what this is!



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