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Hi, Sami here writing from the lovely Helsinki, Finland. I’ll be reviewing new music from time to time here on Golden Scissors. First and formost a massive thanks to the hard working staff at Golden Scissors (especially Bruno) for this chance to do reviews for their amazing blog. This makes a music lover like myself extremely happy. I’ve been running my humble blog called Awesome Blog some time now and an opportunity to expand and contribute to a blog like this is just icing on the cake.

But enough about that. What I really want to do is talk about the man of the hour, Chris Malinchak. This genius producer out of NYC has released four massive EPs under the great label French Express. And the thing about French Express is that they of all people know talent when they come across it. With amazing artists like Jonas Rathsman, Moon Boots, Perseus and – a fellow Helsinki resident – Erkka under their belt you can excpect nothing but pure quality and vision from them.

Chris Malinchak is a man who tends to stay out of the limelight and let his music do the talking. And his music talks plenty! I have a lot of respect for that given these days there are so many people trying to get their name out in every way they can. Chris’ latest EP Vilette was a powerful demonstration of his talent, style and uncompromising views of his music. His earlier EPs Hollywood, Make Your Move and Renaissance were also nothing short of spectacular.

Now his brand new 5-track EP Ironbound is finally out and I’m in awe of his ever-growing talent. Ironbound was supposed to come out June 28th, but French Express had to push back the date with a week. Luckily for us they dropped some mouthwatering teasers along the way and let me tell you: it was worth the wait, 100%. Chris is taking his original disco/beach house influenced sounds to another level with Ironbound. “Frighteningly fresh”, as his label defines it.  Five track full of deep, soulful sounds, tropical vibes and balearic beats that for me is the quintessence of house music of today and tomorrow. I’m positive this EP will be in the heart of my summer soundtrack, just perfect for those long and hot summer nights. This is going to be huge, so get your copy on Beatport right away! But enough talk, now listen:

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