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Today’s spotlight goes entirely to Xinobi‘s latest EP “Pirates”. Before talking about this work, I’m just going to make a small review of his career, just in case you’ve been sleeping these last couple of years. I’m not going to talk about my admiration for his work, which is not new. I’m just going to give you some relevant information, about what he has been doing for me, for you, and for everyone that only today is listening to his music for the first or second time. Anyway, you should be ashamed of yourself If you don’t know already what you’re going to read below.

Born in the 80’s in Lisbon, he started very soon listening to Punk and Rock. About his personality, we can say that he’s humble (maybe too much), goofy, funny and really a good friend. He’s also founder of D.I.S.CO.  Texas label, a major skateboarder, (still don’t know if this is true) Cats lover and also a music explorer by nature. However, when everyone thought he was going to be just another guitar player, he starts to produce electronic music on his own. I clearly remember when “BMX” (listen here) came out, it was like a bomb to my ears, but also to everyone’s ears. Actually, that was only the beginning! Since then, he kept dropping one bomb after another. I’m just going to paste here some of my favourites from youtube that usually I listen at least one or two times per month. “Sonda” (listen here) is also a favourite, I just love those synths still sounding very fresh and quite unique, or even “Day Off” (listen here) which is one of his most acclaimed tracks. Ah! Almost forgot his Ep “The Best Of Me” (listen here).  Probably his most mature work, so far…

There are are also a bunch of remixes he made for artists such as Toro Y Moi (listen here), Loose Shus (listen here), Roger Troutman (listen here) and many more….. If you notice, all these tracks sound very different from each other. With Xinobi, you never know what’s coming out. He can always surprise you. This is also the main reason why he keeps producing all over these years, which is also the main reason why he already played all over the world. I’ve been following his career very close and It’s so cool to see the pictures he shares from countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, but also his tours in Australia, (click here) United States or even South Korea. Well, we can say that probably he has done more for Portugal, than some of our own politicians. I think we all agree on this one!

About “Pirates” there’s a lot to talk about! To start, we can say it is completely different from everything he has done before, which is not new, right? For the vocals, he invited Princess Superstar and Janel & Israyl. If you take a first listen, you will probably say, wow dude, this is the next level. I couldn’t agree more! Honestly, I’m in love for this “Pirates” track, but if it’s not your style, you can always check “Bronze”. Not fan of vocals? Ok, you can buy the instrumental version of “Pirates”.

Let’s go to “Pirates”! To start, this is a very funny and tropical track. I would say it represents Xinobi’s personality. We have here a fusion of Disco, House, Rap, Pop and also an experimental idea. We live in a world that we’re always complaining for the lack of creativity, but this track is the answer for our questions. I think this is exactly what you’re looking for. I’m also totally sure this is going to be killer on the dance floor. I can already imagine goofy smiles on people’s faces. All you need is a pirate for this Summer! About the track itself, it starts with some kinda of tropical beats, working as an intro for an epic sailor adventure. After the first minute you already have an idea of what’s coming. Besides all those crazy vocals “Yo Oh!” you gotta love the instrumental part. Very epic, since the first minute and full of small details that you can feel this was worked very carefully. However, I’m pretty sure that Xinobi can’t even explain some parts of this track. He simply just set loose his creativity…
Small appointments at 2:50, love that kind of hyptonic sound that keeps going until +- 5:06 and bang back to the party. Very solid production!

Not satisfied enough with “Pirates”? Ok, we have a “Bronze” track for you! And this one is more Xinobi’s style, already featured in some famous DJ’s mixes around the world such as ATTAR! and more. This one is a bomb. I love every second of this production. Starts very simple beat until the first 32 seconds (Dj friendly) and then that’s when the party begins. Excellent bassline, for sure with a lot of patterns and very solid. Amazing drop (very Xinobi’s style) at 2:20 followed by an awesome build at 02:37 with some cool vocals and percussion. Also love that “Stop” at 3:37 and then at 4:20 it comes magic with those jkyfdpaay sounds that is quite hard to explain. “Bronze” is track that certainly should be called of “Gold”.

And that’s all I have to say about this brilliant EP. You can already buy it via the Belgium Smile Records. All you have to do is click here and good luck with your search for gold!



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