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From Gorizia a city in the north east of Italy we have Borut Viola aka Scuola Furano, probably is one of the most talented producers that Italy gave to the world. My respect for his music comes from the very first time I faced his sound. There’s no such thing as lucky to make things in a different way. Talent born with you and you just have to take advantage of it. You can also feel when a producer makes music from the heart with no second intentions or you can also feel when he’s not looking for fame. Back to 2004 where Italy was presenting Scuola Furano’s music to the world with his debut self entitled album. At the time we were living a completely different musical era and he was shacking the dance floors all over the globe with his irreverent disco banger style. Just for you to have an idea, Borut already shared the stage with people such as Tiga,Carl Craig, Nathan Fake, Spektrum, Munk, Who Made Who, Stylophonic, Snoop Doggy and many more!

After seeing that he played with so many people from the most various music genres, it’s natural the he’s influenced by many genres such as 80s, Disco, Old School Rap, Electro and Punk, we can notice that he absorbs all these ideals taking his own vision of what dance music is. Since 2004 Scuola has been improving his music and of course, in the course of time he started to sound more mature and created his own genre, which is perfectly normal. Finally we are in 2012 and I’m pretty sure he’s going to shake the world, once again…..

About this new release featuring vocals of his longtime friend Fiorious (also with Italian roots), well just like I mention, you can expect all his influences here, however, this single sounds more refined than his previous releases. You can notice it was worked carefully. I almost forgot to mention that he has been working on his new album for about 5 years now and this single will also be part of it. So, all I ask is for you listen to this really carefully, because it deserves our full attention. In this pack we have an original track and remixes from The Glimmers, Herr Styler and a Dub version by the artist himself.

Starting with the original and in my opinion the most exciting track. When you listen for the first time you don’t even have an idea of the bomb you’re about to deal with. The track starts very surreptitiously with some micro vocal samples, which makes you feel anxious to listen the rest of the the track. Finally at 1:01 there’s beautiful drop followed by an awesome build and BANG at 1:16 there’s an astonishing piano line. Gorgeous. When I listened to it for the first my reaction was WOW! After that exciting moment you will fall in love for a 30 sec percussion moment which is proceed by the amazing Fiorious vocals. I can’t even imagine about this track without his brilliant voice! Oh!!! By the way, you can already count with 126 bpm’s. Get ready for the party!

The French duo Herr Styler also did an awesome interpretation of the original. They didn’t use the vocals that much, however they know very well how to put tracks into the “jungle”. Remember that one “Zero Ghosts Out The Door” ?? Yes! You can feel the same vibe here. I must confess and say that I’m a huge fan of their music. It’s always creative and completely different from everyone. They have that kasfkoash feeling. I think you know what I’m talking about….

Well, The Glimmers. I could just stop right here. WOW! they are so BIG. Their remix obviously is a winner. We’re talking about one of the best duos…. ever. Their version is more slow, but also very good. They start almost like the original track. However they played with it, just like the way they like to do. They kept the “feeling” of the original and gave it an instrumental “face” which turned it slightly heavier. To me it sounds really epic! 114 bmp’s (very Belgium indeed) and they just spread their natural class all over the place. Two appointments about their version. Love at 2:02 and at 3:26!

Finally we have the Dub version from Mister Borut! Basically this one is for Dub lovers. I’m one of them, however I prefer the original (damn It’s so good). Still, this version is pretty cool! I love those cowbells (fan of that sound) and I also love the echo he have to the Fiorious vocals. Honestly I’m really impressed, because I never thought this track would have a dub version. More appointments at 3:20 and at 5:30.

After listening on repeat this ASTONISHING work. I truly believe we are facing one of the best releases of 2012. You can already purchase this release via Nano Records, all you have to do is click here and make it happen!

P.S. Already supported by: Annie Mac (played it on Radio 1), Aeroplane (on his April Mix), Tim Sweeny (on BIS Radio), Chris Coco, The Supermen Lovers, Bottin, C90’s, Russ Chimes, Jerry Bouthier, Diskjokke, Jupiter, Dave Seaman, Horse Meat Disco among others…



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