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This week we’ve had the pleasure to take a listen to our good friend Joel Azevedo’s new EP. Known as Silenx, this Portuguese producer released his first EP ‘Kaleidoscope’ last November through Boombar Music bringing us his heavily 80’s synthesizer funk influenced dreamwave which captivated us from the first second. He moves between squelchy Moog lead lines and analog sounds as you can taste in his new 4-track EP.

This cosmic boy brings his latest creation called ‘Space Love’ together with Silhouette Music people and there is no doubt that all of this sounds very good. To start this journey we have ‘Space Love’ in charge, it will instantly take us to his particular universe in the 80’s (of course), it has the perfect dose of energy to warm us up with those clean drums followed by a beautiful melody brimming with dreamwave and a subtle bassline, don’t you think you are not in Earth anymore?

We already have covered a big part of the trip and it seems we are far, ‘Far Far Away’ we’d say, but this track doesn’t lose its halo of beauty; surrounded by some percussion and high and intense synths’ punches the bass is the main protagonist, oh god, watch out because it will catch you.

Then comes ‘Long Lost Love’, as you can imagine it’s got the dreamy and the idealist spirit. It starts with a smooth melody and little percussion to turn into a vibrant and strong piece; the sci-fi and bouncing effects come together with bubble finger pulses to stay, we’d say we’ve found that love.

And what a better way to end this adventure than with a ‘Stellar Kiss’. As a kiss, this song is delicate and sweet, the soft and slight touches of percussion leave in you in a sort of melancholy. Later everything seems to become futuristic and more nu-disco due to the dominant synths but it only lasts a moment as we go back to that peaceful and happy state. As he says, joyful memories come back with it.

What else we could say about this space walk? Stay tuned to this young boy because he’s got more stuff of his universe to share out. Now, you can go back to real life.

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