Golden Scissors


I know the single was only shared less than 24 hours ago, but ladies and gentlemen, let me present you with the first ever “Idea of Happiness” remix! Constructed by What So Not, a collaboration project between Flume and Emoh Instead, this edit appears to serve only one purpose: tearing up dancefloors! Featuring an assortment of moombahton, electro, and trance beats, the duo manage to completely transform the beach-house melodies of the original and replace them with mesmerizing vocal samples, tantalizing build-ups, and serene moments of harmonious bliss! I know it’s sort of too early to say, but to all the remixes following this, you’re going to have a tough time topping it! Absolute bomb!



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  1. Ubbs says:

    Other remixes are from Herve and SebastiAn ;)

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