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Over the past few years the Portuguese electronic music scene has been rapidly expanding with a huge amount of new producers. Since Xinobi and Moullinex appeared, I think they have passed a message; besides living in a small country it’s possible to make good music and also to be side by side with the bigger producers. However, we must face that inside our own country there isn’t a huge movement of  “alternative” music and “we” are still a minority.  Since I started to blog music, I’ve been writing about  interesting producers such as Silenx, KICKo, LoverboY, Roulet, Mau and many others, which makes me think that things are getting better!!!

This time we have Fred Campos aka Cut Slack, a name all too familiar to us since he is Portuguese and his own notoriety, mainly for his remixes for Fears Of Tigers “The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump.” He also reached second place in the remix contest of the single “Comme Un Enfant” from the French band Yelle.

“Cut Slack” is also the name of his debut EP and it is 100% Portuguese. It comes with 5 tracks and cooperations with Da Chick, the lead singer for the Discotexas Band, and his brother in arms Rodrigo Gomes aka Thunder & Co. None of these artists are newcomers. They are involved in many side projects with indie bands and electronic music in general. While listening to Cut Slack’s music we can feel influences from Breakbot, Justice, Calvin Harris, Phoenix, Dj Medhi and obviously from Daft Punk. The first time I listened to his preview, I knew someone from GS would review his work. Besides this being his debut EP, it is already solid and we can feel it was carefully worked and reworked. We knew this because during the development process he kept telling us that something was missing and he would not release it until it was perfect. Before listening the first track, prepare yourself for some electrosynthpop and funky vibes!!!

If you take a first quick listen of the EP you will feel that there is an history behind these 5 tracks. We can say that “Daybreak” is the big entrance of the this work. It sounds to something epic to my ears. Those breathless distorted guitars are pure gold. Ok, it’s an intro, but it could be a bit longer! I have three appointments to make. That sweet drop at 0:52 and also at 01:09 there is a small cut that is really sweet. In the end I love the way he finishes this track with that beautiful echo that instantly makes you back and repeat this track…. over and over, again….

“T.M.H.S.R.” is a remake of a Pop Soul Portuguese band called Soulbizness. It starts like it was recorded live, but it’s just for you to imagine it, probably because this track was made to be played for a big crowd. Once again the guitar is the main character. I think i haven’t told you that Fred is a guitar player since ever, that’s why you can feel the guitar all over this track. I love the relaxed mood of this one. You can feel a lot of soul and love here. Very, very cool stuff!

“Never Let You Down” for sure won’t let you down. This is so good that after I have listened to it more than 5 times in a row. So Funky and so sexy! The vocals are from a Portuguese “unknown” dude called Nuno Rafael which in my modest opinion are beautiful. I love that mini build at 00:32, sounding like the perfect part for you to mix with a previous track. Awesome guitar, awesome synth and sweet micro vocal samples very much Michael Jackson style. Once again, very funky and with good mood!

“Lana”. No, it’s not Lana Del Rey! I know this track was produced before she came into the spotlight! This one makes me think about Steely Dan or more recently Chromeo. The vocals are from from Rodrigo (Thunder & Co) which also produced the melodic arrangement  and the instrumental part is from Cut Slack.  Besides sounding very fresh, pay attention to the lyrics. You will be surprised!

“Move Into The Beat” is the climax of this EP, which also feat. the beautiful and sexy Da Chick. This sound has everything to be a “hit”. Honestly, i’m fan o nonsense lyrics and this is my kind of of beat. You gotta love this track. Also reminds me Shindu’s “All in Fridge”. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know!

I almost forgot to mention that this EP is available for free download. All you have to do is show some love to these dudes. Also, if you are in Lisbon tonight you can catch Cut Slack’s Dj set at Music Box. We Have Band, Xinobi and Light Year will also play. You can confirm your presence here!!!


Fear of Tigers – The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump (Cut Slack Remix) [download here]

Cut Slack – Hunt [download here]



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