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I’m a newbie in this blog game, so for my first review I wanted to write about something that is really appealing to me. I took a shot at it when Bruno, boss and slave at you know what, hooked me up with this amazing album of Miami Nights 1984’s Turbulence.

Michael Glover couldn’t have chosen a better name than Miami Nights 1984 for his second project. He’s the man behind Gotye ’s “Somebody that I used to know” official remix., getting approvals from Rolling Stone Magazine and VH1.
Co-founder of the label Rosso Corsa Records (label that brought us 80’s Stallone, Flash Worx, Lazerhawk, Jordan F amongst others), he’s specially dedicated to bring back that 80’s Synth music. So yes the man is heavily influenced by 80’s music as well as by its culture. The name, “Miami Nights 1984”, is even a reference of the date of the very first show being broadcast as “Miami Vice”, September 28 1984 that is.

So if you don’t dig Testarossa’s, Don Johnson’s pink shirts and turquoise pants, Casio watches, wayfarer, neon lights, … just stop your reading here! Otherwise jump on the bandwagon, strap your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

This smooth, dreamwaved intro sets the mood in a very inspired Tangerine Dream’s “Love on a Train” way. I can only imagine the sun setting down in Miami …. The night can start off …

I don’t own a car but I did. And if I had one tonight, that’s the kind of track that would get me starting a night out. The uptempo arpeggiated synthbass and the “sirene” synth are just taking me to another place, to Miami maybe …

Ocean Drive starts off like the track has already been playing, Michael Glover is taking us straight away to the end of its intro. The song is building up through wavy sounds adding movement to the arpeggiated bass. Finally the synths are bringing us to Ocean Drive. The climax is slowly reached when the synth breaks loose towards the end with its so typical melancholic and nostalgic melody. It is said that it’s Michael Glover’s favorite track from the album.

At firs sight, it feels as it is the second part of MN84 theme. It begins with this hypnotic melody and synth that develop my melancholia at its best! It is until the beat hits the track, that we realize that The Getaway is a song on its own. I really love the swirled synth in the second part of the song.

This right there reminds me so many breakdancing tracks. The street is on fire and the dancers in a B-Boy stance. This is actually my favorite song of the album. Yes I do have an hip-hop background! I just can’t get enough of the overloaded cow-bells and fairlight throughout the whole joint. They are the ones that really gives rythm to Streets On Fire. After the break, yes just like any 80’s pop/locking electro song there is a break, the synths are giving a nostalgic twist to this ode to street dancing . Watch out, Turbo & Ozone must be nearby …

Let’s take a break with this mini dreamwaved interlude. Still in the same vein as MN84 Theme, it really sends me close to the stars …

New Tomorrow brings happiness and joy to my ears. The tracks starts off with an arpeggiated bass and a dreamy wavy synth. The song keeps building up through added rimshots and melodies to finally end in a turmoil of screaming synths.
This is actually the longest and most complete song of the album. By that I mean that there is a beginning and an ending.

Tiger42 is a more laid-back track. The kind that makes you want to go to the beach … during daytime. Its hypnotic synth wave makes TIGER42 a daytime trip in a Miami Night journey.

The fast arpeggiated synth bass, giving a macho feeling to this song, makes no doubt about it: we’re encountering a Booty Call track!! Phone Tag is openly sexual, starting with the female voice over the phone talking to a customer. While listening I picture oily bodies, sweaty skins and muscle cars!

Well, here’s the love song! Dancing in slow motion or sharing ice creams while walking on Ocean Drive. The song is more down tempo than the others but the synth brings loads of melody and rythm t it. This track is full of melancholia!

Probably one my favorite as well. I love how the claps, cow-bells and hi-hats give rythm to this more melodic song. The break effect after the small climax tends to reset the song from scratch. The screaming synth at the end wraps it up perfectly! This is the kind of song that gives me that “keeping you awake while driving back home” feeling.

It’s been a heavy night driving around listening to MIAMI NIGHTS 1984, this outro sums it up perfectly: powerful music but too short or maybe that’s what that’s got me hooked up, Iistening to it over & over again…

“Turbulence” is already available on Miami Nights 1984 Bandcamp, and you can buy it HERE!!!



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