Golden Scissors


Hey, did you know that we like Santigold a lot?! Set to release her album titled “Master of My Make-Believe” on April 23rd, we can barely contain ourselves with all the excitement we have for her next record. As with most artists these days, the best way to ready your fans for the release of your album is to have an exceptional producer(s) remix your songs. Needless to say, Santigold managed to find herself some of the most talented producers in electronic music to remix her latest track “Disparate Youth.” Significantly different from the original, The 2 Bears take “Disperate Youth” and give it more of a darker, almost dubby feel by adding in drawn out synth notes, morphed vocals, and a few bars of their own signature 2-step melodies. I’m not a fortune teller, but expect this one to be huge!



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