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It’s definitely not a beginning for this folks from London. But, like they say, sometimes you need to have the feeling of a brand-new start, in about everything in Life. Says who?

They’re called In Fields, a project uniting Raoul Marks and Ed Cox. It all started in London, when going out to clubs after some late night jamming sessions at Raoul’s place. One of those nights, in one of those clubs, Daniel Avery (Stopmakingme) from Kill Em All was spinning some records and they showed him some of the music they were producing. As a result, they got ‘In Fields’ EP out on Avery’s label Kill Em All. We can say this was the literal Beginning but let’s get back to the figurative Beginning.

In Fields – Beginnings EP

‘Beginnings’ is the latest release from In Fields, it just came out yesterday, March 12, on La Belle Recordings. I must confess that this five track EP is really different from everything I’ve heard recently, in a god way. At your first listening, you might thing that it’s a completely different or even oposite sound path they’re walking through. Knowing some of the latest work from In Fields like the remixes for Flowers or even Klutch, with a more techno touch, or even looking at their real beginning, the first homonym EP, with a clear dance attitude, ‘Beginnings’ sounds like an adventure, a new one. It’s clear that the new sonority of the EP is assumed and not just an experiment made by chance.

The EP is made of five tracks. The original version of ‘Beginnings’, a vocal version of it, a remix from ‘Get a Room‘ and two other tracks, ‘No Romance’ and ‘Suit Yourself’. As I was saying, this work revealed itself to be a great surprise about how it sounds. Listening to it just makes sense when you know about In Fields references in the music entourage like Caribou, John Talabot or even Arthur Russell. They say these are musicians whose music subtly makes you dance, without directly telling you to. This definition seems like the perfect portrait of this most recent work.

In ‘Beginnings’, the track, it seems like we’re taken into some kind of transcendental journey, at least that’s how I felt listening to it. Sustained by a true and ruff bass, near enough to some rock song bass line, the other elements smoothly gather to create a rich sound experience, like the electric guitar riff that appears into the song just at some moments, almost by surprise, all the reverb effects and the smooth vocals that seem to be calling you to the bottom of the deepest ocean.This elements are constantly evolving, appearing and disappearing, starting and ending to restart later. In the vocal version of ‘Beginnings’, the track, with the contribution of Kasra; the same build up, with some crazy vocal effects, a voice tone changing, a space sounding synth at the beginning and it gets a all new dimension.

Both ‘New Romance’ and ‘Suit Yourself’ tracks are made of the same recipe. Evolving sounds wich at some moment reach a climax and then, restart, giving you the chance to hear them again in a all new perspective. As for the Get A Room remix, the choice was based on wanting something totally different from the original and it worked. The result of it is definitely achieved as it really is screaming at you to dance.

In Fields themselves have the best words to describe this ‘Beginnings’ EP. I think everyone will agree with that. “Everybody knows that every end contains a new beginning – and viceversa. Thank god. Beginnings are the best. You remember the first months you’ve spent with a girl, not the 5th year you’ve been together.”

It really was a new beginning for me, musically talking. A high dose of freshness. Hope it does have the same effect on you.

We anxiously expect for some news from In Fields as they are actually working on two more EP’s coming out later this year. They’re also working on Kasra solo EP, the vocal collaborator on the track beginnings and on a remix for Moshi Moshi.

You can buy the full EP on Itunes and on Beatport.

Here’s a little cool video teaser for Beginnings EP, featuring Mundo Neon.

And last but not least, a little bonus surprise for our fans. In Fields – Suit Yourself as free download. Enjoy.

[download here]




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