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This week we continue with the Silhouette family and the Californian L’Equipe du Son. On our latest review we talked about his EP ‘What You Do To Me’ with which we were submerged into his disco spirit and now, we go further with another style that we love so much, the French Touch. Pure space disco melodies is what ‘Gina Was A Dancer’ EP has to offer, and there is a lot to talk about Gina!

The first track of course is she, ‘Gina’, who represents the classic French electro sound. It starts with melodic bubbling finger pulses reaching the highest levels meanwhile a big fat sawtooth bassline and phat synth pads appear at the same time. Vocals are not needed here, and without realizing you’ll be into a very sweet and beautiful atmosphere. The cherry of the cake are the guitar riff effects and its distortions; we don’t know who Gina is but we are sure she has to be pretty amazing! The track comes with a remix by Wolfman, of who we only know that he loves to play ball, but that’s enough! This guy knows what he does, and ups the pace bringing the pumped version. The energy is spread as wildfire with that quickly bassline and swirling pads full of crazy effects, a real banger we’d say.

The second part of this EP is ‘She Was A Dancer’. Right at the beginning you can feel a ton of 80’s spirit with that fresh and vibrant bassline which seems to be a little calm at first, but the smoothy-percussion synth effects (also spacial and sci-fi) brings some kind of evilness. Such a bracing breeze! But the best of all is its remix, which comes under one of the French-based Valerie Collective members, The Outrunners; and what can we say about these two! The Nantes couple have done an excellent job with that magnificent and wonderful harmony. This version is a little more dance but it retains their characteristic retro-synth and futuristic essence; the bassline is a blast and the synths are irresistible, simply brilliant. As always, perfect for an endless night driving.

‘Gina was a Dancer’ will drop on March the 26th via Silhouette Music.

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  1. Joel says:

    Blasting my speakers with The Outrunners remix. Excellent release.

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