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Besides having a hilarious bio, in which one of them is said to have been, “a former Hip-Hop DJ who recently discovered his love for gay rock music and ethno-influenced 80s synthesizer pop,” the Swiss duo Mercury have recently decided to release an EP that includes remixes of their tracks Candlelight and  Running Back To You. Already having garnered the support from producers such as Soul Clap, Tom Trago, Brodinski, and Dimitri From Paris, Mercury seem poised to grab the attention of the rest of the electronic-dance community with this jam-packed collection of floor-stomping beats.

In total, this EP consists of six tracks. Artist such as Till Von Sein, Voices of Black, and Mercury themselves take a stab at remixing the track Candlelight, while producers like Beni, Cocolores, and Logo opt to edit the band’s  funk-infused jam Running Back To You. Like the originals, everything about this remix EP exudes a vibe from a not too far and distant past. Fans of 90’s Chicago-house will lose themselves once they hear the myriad of ways in which these producers have chosen to accompany the powerful vocals of Robert Owen and Christopher McCray.

On one side of the spectrum, remixes from Mercury, Till VOn Sein, Voices Of Black, and Munich newcomers Cocolores sound as if they could have been produced by the likes of Joe Goddard or The 2 Bears. I say this because like Goddard, these tracks seem to be trying to not only reinterpret Chicago-house music, but recontextualize it in way that implements modern-techniques; creating music that sounds contemporary and nostalgic at the same time.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have remixes from producers such as Voices of Black that seem to be more reliant on other styles of electronic music. For instance, their rendition of Candlelight seems to be more of a derivative of Chicago-house than the genre itself. What sounds like a mixture between UK influenced garage, classic-funk, and present-day house, the duo deliver an interesting remix that will keep you thoroughly engaged as you try and pinpoint what exactly you’re listening to throughout.

Last but not least, we have a remix from the French duo Logo rounding out the list. Sticking out like a sore thumb, but in the best way possible, the Kitsune signees seem to be going for more of a “techy” feel in their latest edit. Opting to slice and dice the mesmerizing vocals from the original for something that sounds slightly more exotic and unfamiliar, Logo then pair them up with blistering progressions of echoing synth, sporadic bass, and dance-friendly percussion. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite out all these incredible remixes, but I think this one by Logo might be making its way to the top of my list.

In all, I was fairly impressed after listening to this EP. Bound to be killing dancefloors around the world, this collection of songs are a must-buy for anyone who’s a fan of Chicago-house, deep sounding grooves, Gomma Records, or electronic-dance music in general. To buy Mercury’s Candlelight EP Remixes, simply click on this link right here!

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