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Jack Bartman is a French based electronic music composer who’s just finished his first album. “Eden” is a bonus track that comes with an experimental and interesting video. I was really surprised with the simplicity and beauty of this production. It’s always a pleasure to publish this kind of material, which makes me feel much more happier than posting more known stuff. You can download the track here. I’ve also received a small explanation of how jack did this video. Enjoy…!

The idea/concept :

Eden came out of the blue.
I had some free time early in the morning, so I went wandering in a Bordeaux public garden equipped with my video, and started to seize images. I progressively became absorbed, then fulfilled by the project. As I got back home aftewards, I spent the whole afternoon working on the soundtrack. Staring a the images, I realized that they were very abstract, surrealistically remote from where I stood, and that no one could guess where they had been taken. Hence the name of this song : Eden.

And I felt good…

Jack Bartman.

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