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Monsieur Adi is a 25 years old Parisian boy that will sound familiar to you owing to his exquisite remixes, many of them of Ellie Goulding’s and Madonna’s and more recent ones as Justice’s or The Knocks’ which have been all over spread through the blogosphere.  Up until this point everything was going smoothly but this young ‘monsieur’ wanted to take it to another level and he’s definitely reached it with his new EP “Fire, Fire, Fire“.

For those who have been following this knight errant you will know that epic is his theme and directly from his first album “Empire” brings its extension with this 6-tracks EP.  “It captures the atmosphere of the dystopian fall of the Roman Empire mixing the baroque grandeur of his compositions with that undeniable and sophisticated electronic touch”.

The first track is ‘Praeludium’, and as it name says, it begins with a beautiful intro full of sweet and warm violins that will result very pleasant for your ears,  you’ll instantly go into zen. Now we are ready for this trip. The first one to bring some action is ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’, with that driving beat and futuristic and classic winks at the same time it will take you submerged into his legendary universe, we love that combo so much. And yes,  you may have noticed about the Daft Punk’s influence in the whole piece (also kind of Vivaldi’s and Häendel’s), just perfect. But don’t choose just this song, as the rest of the tracks have that ancient mastery and young spirit too. You can check it with the next one, ‘Blood’. It begins with a perfect piano symphony to later turns into a nu-disco and vintage-synthy song. It looks like there is no difficulty in putting in the same time and space new and old ages. Impressive.

‘Last Stand’ features the British singer and composer Gary Co. This is the most ‘present’ song of all of them (maybe one or two decades far from nowadays), it gives the pop and club touch to the extended play but it does nothing to do with it. Maybe Adi wants to bring us back to current time and don’t get lost.

‘Requiem’ (that in case you don’t know it means rest and a thought for a deceased person), we suppose is the track Mr. Adi’s chosen to pay tribute to someone. The vocoder is the main protagonist but pay attention to the melody, you can feel the nostalgia and the fond memories in it with his pure synthy line.

The closing track is ‘In Caelis’; the violins are back again, and we love that. With all its majesty and some kind of mystery we can feel the end has come. Some sadness breeze at the beginning, dressing with some sun rising and happiness later but the feeling of grief still remains. A beautiful song that perfectly could be the OST for some movie.

For us this is definitely a masterpiece. Congrats Monsieur.

Released by: Technofavrik
Release/catalogue number: TF013
Release date: Feb 20, 2012


Visitor – Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix) [download here]

Stay Ali – Time (Monsieur Adi Remix) [download here]

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  1. Man I love your writing style. Always a joy to read. Also fantastic EP.

    • Bruno Romeu says:

      Thanks for the shout. This one was written by our ladies. Smokie Alive!

      And YES. This EP is fantastic. Thanks a lot for following us. It’s always a pleasure to have you here and to know that actually people read our articles 🙂


  2. Nuno Silva says:

    WOW. The ladies are allways on the lookout for the good ones. And this is a catch!!

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