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Well, it’s really late and our mail box is going to explode, but when I started to listen the latest Softwar‘s EP “This Time Around” I felt that it’s my duty is to write about it and show some love to this amazing work. I’ve been following these two for a long time already. I’ve played all their tracks/remixes and it’s really a pleasure to see their debut EP being released by one of my favorite labels, Future Classic.

Hailing from Australia, Softwar is a duo formed by Myles du Chateau & Jeremy Lloyd. If you go back and check their productions you will start to fall in love for their Cosmic Deep Nu Disco or whatever you want to tag it. It’s really hard to choose a favorite, but certainly i have listened to them over 100 times (no kidding), for example their remix for Mitzi’s “Morning Light” (youtube link) or more recently their latest track “Constellations” (youtube link). Their music always starts very basic and easy where they keep adding on slowly sweet elements until reaching a point of pure ecstasy. You probably think i’m overeating, but that’s what i feel when “flying” with them. They always give a touch of class and it seems that they can always put things working so well together in way that really surprises me. However, this new EP is slightly different from what they use to “deal with”. I could say also say that their track “Colour Flight” (youtube link) was hand picked by Kitsune for their Tokyo Mix CD, but honestly this kind of propaganda sounds “cheap”…hehehe!!!

Their new EP comes with four originals. All of them are absolutely gorgeous, taking us into a perfect deep journey. “This Time Around” opens the hosts. A beautiful track surrounded with precious elements which we can easily define the different moments of this track. A female sample “feel good” begins and it’s followed by some kinda of “wind”, and at 1:20 +- comes the first drop. After this you know something good is going to happen and that’s when the initial sample is completed by “Time Now”. Now that we have all elements they add nice claps until we reach the middle of the track where they did an amazing build, for sure this part will rock on the dance floor. Finally they start to slow down with a nice piano line floating all over this beautiful jam. Suddenly at 05:09 they drop… and you know this track is about to finish. Well it’s time for replay it over and over again….

“August” was the month they produced this track and it’s really hot, however i think in August it’s not Summer in Sydney, but you know that stars are always travelling and searching for heat. This track is the track that we can say, damn this is Softwar. It’s their formula for real! Small appointments i took from this track at 00:30 and that build at 2:19 is WoW. Probably it’s my favorite, very sweet and smooth. I just close my eyes and dream about beach, sea and summer…. pure gold!

“Taken Liberty” was produced with no meaning in mind. Probably this track is a reference for the time they spent in New York last year. This one goes directly to the dance floor! It has that bad ass flow and for sure it will be played all over the globe. That beautiful melodic piano line is irresistible. I’m a piano sucker in nature  and i’m sure i’m not the only one! Amazing track…. have you noticed that i haven’t disliked a single track from this EP. I’m being really honest!

Finally we have “Darker”, which is the last but not the least! This one is also very solid and probably it’s more deep than the rest of the EP. We can feel the late 90’s funky house influences all over the place, adding nice cosmic vibes resulting into some kind of intergalactic trip…..

Check out some DJ’s feedback about this release:

This Time Around is Def a hit to my ears. really hot! and Darker is one of those tunes for the sunrise and Goosebumps. epic one for sure.
– Nick Chacona

Rad! Taken Liberty and Darker are quite handsome.
– Prince Language

Ace release from the boys! love the artwork!
– Slow Hands

Will play.
– Azari & III

This is a great EP – but the pianos on Taken Liberty steal the show for me , can see this being big in the summer –
– Toby Tobias

Nice one lads, quality tracks
– Tornado Wallace

How’s Sidney?
– Pepe Braddock

The ep is amazing. the 90’s are definitely back. “this time around” & “taken liberty” are my fav. tracks, perfect for the floor.
– Space Ranger

Hell yeah! Super stoked to finally hear this
– Beg To Differ

It’s awesome!
– Anna Lunoe

Bloody ripping
– Andy Hart (Melbourne Deepcast)

Fuck yeh!
– Mic Newman

Good skills chief, feeling This Time Around and August big time J’

This amazing EP is going to be released via Future Classic on February 20th (vinyl date), Beatport (March 6th) and all digital stores on March 20th!!!


Mitzi – Morning Light (Softwar Remix) [download here]

Softwar – Constellations [download here]

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